M&A in Scotland to benefit from NO vote

Regardless of political viewpoints, it is undoubtedly the case that many business owners will benefit greatly from the result of the Scottish referendum. As two years of campaigning has been drawing to a heightened conclusion over the past few months, M&A activity has stalled as a result due primarily to the very real possibility of Scotland becoming an independent country and all of the uncertainty that would have come hand in hand with that decision.

The lull in activity has been more than evident, it has been striking considering that UK M&A activity is on the cusp of a boom. Potential purchasers have cooled their interest in Scottish companies awaiting the result of the vote which could now lead to a surge in activity possibly never witnessed before in the country.

Investment from international acquirers, now put at ease as a result of the decision, stabilised economic markets and increased power to the country devolved from Westminster allowing the leaders to make changes that would specifically be designed to benefit Scottish citizens, public and private entities will encourage what was a restrained demand to acquire businesses due to the country’s uncertain future, driving up business values as a result.

So whilst some may be disappointed as a result of the referendum there is certainly a lot to be buoyant about. With interest in acquisitions set to surge massively and all the investment in not just companies but also towns and individuals which will follow, business owners considering a sale are in a perfect position to capitalise.

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