A New Era at Benchmark International

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything…” Steve Jobs

Today, we’re delighted to announce the unveiling of a New Era here at Benchmark International.

For the past 18 months the Directors of Benchmark International, along with our Director of Marketing, Brittney Evans, have worked fastidiously to develop a revolutionary, next-generation service  – one which is truly ground breaking for the M&A industry.  We felt the M&A market had become too corporate, too laden with jargon, too staid, and filled with brokers offering uninspiring approaches to exit and growth solutions.

Welcome to the New Era: our game changing and uniquely fresh approach that puts clients, not us, firmly at the heart of what we do.

This New Era sees us changing the face of M&A and introducing clients to an inspiring, insightful experience they’ve never before witnessed.

As Steve Wozniak stated when he transformed the home computer with Steve Jobs, he didn’t want to be better than IBM, he wanted to be different.

At Benchmark International we see ourselves as different; different to everything and anything that’s out there.

Our dream was to develop a service that stirred our clients both emotionally and financially – after all, embarking on growing or exiting a company should be a journey of hope and exhilaration, where destinies are brought to life.

Welcome to the New Era, welcome to Benchmark International.

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