UK the best marketplace to invest

One of the richest men in the world believes the UK is the best place in the world to invest.

Wang Jailain who was recently named by Forbes as China’s wealthiest man, has described the UK as having one of the most open markets and that investment is not subject to as much scrutiny as other countries across the globe.

Mr Wang, Chairman of China’s largest property company, Dalian Wanda, is worth an estimated $24.2bn said, “I’ve travelled to many countries to consider them for investment, and most admire Britain’s market.

“Britain has one of the highest degrees of free market openness, no investment needs to be scrutinised, it’s entirely up to you.”

Having already made some eye-catching investments around the world, Mr Wang is looking to invest $1bn (£667m) in the UK entertainment industry, and is also considering acquiring an English football club.

Mr Wang’s comments are promising for business owners who may be seeking to scale-up on an international basis. With less scrutiny and openness in the market, UK-based businesses offer an appealing opportunity to overseas acquirers, driving demand for cross-border transactions.

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