Apple Gets Into Beddit With Latest Acquisition

Last week it was revealed that Apple had completed a low-key deal to acquire Beddit, a Finnish company that makes sleep-tracking devices compatible with apps for both iOS and the Apple Watch.

News of the acquisition was broken by CNBC which reported that the privacy section of the Beddit website had been updated to note the deal and confirm that all consumer data is now subject to Apple’s own privacy policy.

Beddit has made a name for itself in recent years with its $150 sleep monitor that is placed under your bedsheets to track sleep during the night. All of the data from the sleep is available to view via the Beddit Sleep Monitor iOS app.

While Beddit’s website and customer service offering as yet remains unchanged, Apple rarely acquires companies that continue to operate independently in the long term. It has been speculated that Beddit provides Apple with the opportunity to create its own sleep tracking software for the Apple Watch. Currently, the Apple Watch only provides sleep tracking through the use of third-party apps, and even then the device requires charging, which users usually do overnight.

Since completion of the deal, the Beddit page promoting its Apple Watch capabilities via the watchOS companion app has been taken down, suggesting some form of tech integration for the Apple Watch in the near future.

This is Apple’s latest deal since it acquired Workflow, an iOS tool that automates complex processes by allowing users to combine the functionalities of different apps.

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