Fingerprint Process

You’ve put everything into your business, so we put everything into what comes next. It’s how we connect you with the right opportunity.


Despite what many other intermediaries, corporate finance houses and boutiques may tell you, there is no “one size fits all” company sales approach. You are unique and your exit strategy should reflect this – a plan that’s as highly individual as you are.

Introducing Fingerprint – a market-leading exit strategy solution, designed and developed by Benchmark International for Entrepreneurs like you. We developed Fingerprint to offer our clients an entirely tailored experience, so we can be involved from the very initial stages of your exit strategy to shape a unique and creative plan that works best for you.

As global company sales specialists, our experience and passion aims to give you the greatest return. It all starts with a hands-on approach for diagnosing the most appropriate exit and deal structures to meet all of your expectations and businesses objectives.

Our approach means you won’t have to compromise on the value or timing of your exit. Just tell us how you would like to exit, and together we will craft a solution that aims to deliver you maximum value.



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