Benchmark International


In July 2016, Benchmark International’s client, Command Partners (a digital Marketing Firm) merged with Enventys (a Product Development Firm). These companies cater to helping entrepreneurs and startups locally and globally. Command Partners focuses on digital marketing for burgeoning companies using crowd funding and Enventys; expertise is in product design, engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment. The joint company will provide the following services, among others: marketing research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, commercialization strategy, software… Read More

Benchmark International has successfully facilitated a common ownership transaction amidst NISSCO Restaurant Dealer Group and Excell Marketing and Procurement Group. Scott Hunter, CEO and Owner of NISSCO, stated, “Our engagement with the Benchmark team was an exceptional experience from start to finish. Every team member performed admirably with the utmost of professionalism, dedication and perseverance throughout the entire process. Unquestionably, we would not have consummated our transaction without their commitment to excellence… Read More

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